Saturday, April 7, 2012

Help Me With Blog Changes PAHLEASE!

When I started my blog I had very little direction. I had no idea where I was going, what I would write about,  This in turn made it hard for me to come up with a blog name.

Now, I was a blog reader before I was a blog writer. There were two types of blogs that I read:

1. Blogs that I liked to read, mainly because they made me pee my pants while LOL'ing.
This included blogs like Hyperbole and a Half, Books of Adam, and Barefoot Foodie.
So pretty much blogs that were funny, smart, down to earth, witty, and at their very core real.

2. Blogs that I thought I should like to read because everyone else was.
I'm not going to list blogs here, but you know the kind. You might even write one.
You know, blogs written by girls with beautiful and shiny hair, glaringly white teeth, adorable new outfits, the ability to create and execute a recipe perfectly,  the time and the means to go on girls weekends twice a month, boyfriends that are Ben Affeleck look-alikes, workout routines and bodies that rival Jillian Micheals, and just an overall sunshiny life and therefore blog.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THE BLOGS THAT FIT UNDERNEATH THE SECOND CATEGORY. I want to make that clear before those of you who do fit underneath that category get pissed and break your cute manicures because you're furiously typing an insult in my comment section. ( And I'm serious, your manicures ARE cute. I am in fact jealous of them and not trying to be sarcastic. I would have one if I had the financial means, and if I didn't run the chance of breaking them every five seconds in my classroom as I wave my hands around and accidentally whack my whiteboard, face, coworkers, students, etc)

I still read and subscribe to blogs like these. Underneath all of the flowers and cute miniature-dog jewelery there is often substance that I enjoy. Also, I like hearing about perfect recipes, the newest make-up brand, your toy-dog's new sweater, and your favorite new brand of Skinny Girl Margarita. Your blog gives me hope that someday I too will have my act together and find some time to brush my hair before schlepping off to school
THE POINT IS, I'm not one of those girls. 
I'm actually a little more like this:
And I've found that my writing is not like blog category two, no matter how much I tried to make it that way at the beginning. While not as sharp and hilarious as the ones in category one, I find myself identifying with the blogs in category one a little more. I'm real, I can't get it right, and I'm here to be honest about it.And I mean I make myself giggle sometimes, and these people make me giggle all of the time.

Maybe my blog doesn't need to fit in a category. It is what it is. But the point of this post is that when I developed my blog title and "image" I thought that I wanted to fit in category 2, and that's what I was going for for a little while. I mean, I stopped pretty quickly when I realized I'd never be that blog, but there are little bits and pieces of it left over.
I'm ready to shed these bits and pieces and change my blog a little.
Here's where I need your help.
I want to change my blog name and image.
 I want to keep certain elements of the title. Certain words so I don't really loose my blogging identity. And because I like three of the words.

I know, they're all really different.  But hey, I'm really different.
I have a few different basic ideas that I want you all to weigh in on and give me advice on. I hate making permanent decisions. 

I mean, give me 30 teenagers in a room asking me questions at a time and I will answer all of them. Most definitive person in the world. Take me out of my classroom? I can't make a decision for my life. But that's why I have followers right? To make decisions for me. So here are a few ideas that I have for titles trying to incoporate those three words, or at least a couple of them.

Fabulously Awkward and Awkwardly Happy

Awkwardly Fabulous and Happily Awkward

Happily Awkward And Fabulously Happy

Or maybe only one half of one of those?

And a few that are a little different than the ones above:

Happily Living Life's Awkward Moments

Awkwardness is Fabulous

Happiness and Awkardness
(And am I going too far with the awkward thing? Is it getting awkward that I keep on saying awkward? If you think so then maybe you don't know me so well. I make social situations weird.)

And one that doesn't have anything to do with my current blog title but could be appropriate:

But Why Can't I Bring My Dog?

Because, you know, I bring up my dog a lot on my blog. And I often don't understand why I can't bring him places. Everyone should love and accept my dog. Like my workplace, and the mall, and public beaches. Don't get me started.

Those are just some ideas that I have for right now.
I think it's really important to have a blog title that fits what the content is and also pulls the reader in. I know that I'm not the only one that decides whether I'm going to read a blog strictly based on their title. So I want one that fits who I am, what I write about, and get people to read all at the same time.

If you hate all of them and have the perfect one PLEASE SHARE. If you like part of or a combination of a a bunch of them then put it together the let me know. I want your feedback!

Also, I want to change my look a little. It's a little crowded on my sidebar so I'm going to declutter and change some things up. I also want to change the look of my header. As some of my regulars may have noticed I changed it from the photo of clouds and cursive writing to the current one with polka dots.

I just want to make it clear that the header that is currently up there took me 10 minutes. I want to go for a cleaner look on the blog, so I picked a font that was cute but cleaner than the other one, and then since that looked too plain and I can't do too much else on the computer I took the paintbrush and made polka dots. Because that's how I do.

So if you have any suggestions for my overall look, my banner, fonts, etc. PLEASE ALSO TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Photos versus no photos? Patterns on the sidebar or no patterns?

If you're not familiar with my blog, look around, read some posts. I especially like think these few are anecdotal posts that you might get a feeling of my blog from:
- I Am Liz Lemon
-My Favorite Mountains Have Water Sources at the Top
Super Proffesional Engagement Shoot With Ugly People
That Time I Broke Into A House
Bruin In Hats

Please BOSS ME AROUND. I want tons of comments, even if you're insulting me for only coming up with stupid names then please do so.

If you're uncomfortable  leaving a comment or want to start a private conversation about my name, layout, etc. then go ahead and give me feedback by email:

Thanks for the help ahead of time, maybe I'll get around to making changes before my BIG VACATION IN A WEEK!


  1. I would go with Awkwardly Fabulous and Happily Awkward
    It sounds much more fluid.

    Here is the thing about blogs, and blog directions, the best ones are the ones that do what they want because it makes them happy, the ones in the first category, not worried about what people think or what draws followers, those will come on their own as long as you care about your content. It is not easy to get out there and get started, put in the work and see what happens. But most importantly be yourself!

    1. I totally agree Penny, it's going to be important to be myself while picking this out and doing what's best for me. That was definitely one of my favorite original names..I'm a little worried about the length though!Thanks for the advice and stopping by!

  2. I love "But Why Can't I Bring My Dog?" because it seems to capture your personality, and it is also easier to say than anything with those three words.

    I also think you could just go with "Happily Awkward." That is a fun title and not too cumbersome :)

    1. ...or what about "Happily Ever Awkward"? Haha :)

    2. I know, I TOTALLY love But Why Can't I Bring My Dog! I feel like I blog about Bruin enough. But I also feel like it's too far away from the original title.
      Now Happily Ever Awkard is a blog title that I think I could really get behind. What a great suggestion. I think it's in my top three now. THANKS!

  3. How about Awkward is the New Fabulous?

    1. Christy that is super creative and uses my two favorite words out of the three! Thank for the suggestion and thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  4. I like the following:

    Choice 1: Awkwardness is Fabulous
    Choice 2: Awkwardly Fabulous and Happily Awkward

    1. I think I like choice one the best, it reminds me of Christy's suggestion. I sense a pattern here...Thanks for the input!

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  6. Hi Tricia,
    I think it's fabulous that you have such great ideas about your blog. After having read them I would say the following (which are not meant as criticism, just ideas):

    1. Header: The header and background are detached at the moment. If you make them into one flowing whole you will straight away create a way for the eye of your readers to move to the content.

    2. Layout: I would add a second column in there so that you can have your essential info on the page without people having to scroll down.

    3: Social icons: for them to take up less space (so you can use it for other things) you could consider using icons that line up. This way you could also add even more icons at the top.

    I hope that helps. If you need more ideas, let me know if you need more help, I would be happy to offer input: charlotte {at} twistandsnag {dot} com

    I offer a lot of freebies on my blog that you could use for creating a new look for your blog at


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